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Harumi Fujita 藤田 晴美 (born 1961 in Tondabayashi, Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese video game composer and creator of the soundtrack for the first Tomba game, she is also known for creating the soundtracks for Ghosts 'n Goblins, Mega Man 3 and Skyblazer.

Personal Live

Harumi Fujita.

History with WhoopeeCamp

When Tokuro Fujiwara set up the WhoopeeCamp website in 1996 it was found by Fujita, after that she contacted Fujiwara and made him a preview song, Fujiwara agreed to let her be the composer of the game without hesitation. During the time she worked on the soundtrack for Tomba 1 Fujita was pregnant, because of this she worked from home. Fujita was free to make the music she wanted, this was because they already had a trusting relationship because they worked together in the past. She was working under very tight deadlines, even so that, when her child was born, she went to the office and kept on working. One time she was called by Fujiwara who told her that a song had to be done right away, she created the track in 2 hours, that was the shortest time she ever made a track.

Working with Nao Hatsutani

Nao Hatsutani was credited in the first game as composer, this was because she helped Fujita with the soundtrack. Tokuro Fujiwara asked Fujita to make Hatsutani's wish true, to compose music. Hatsutani came to the house of Fujita and she helped her create some tracks for the games, these tracks include:

  • The Familiar Looking Mansion
  • The Mermaids Singing Rock

Master Recordings

A floppy titled "Tomba, me".(Right)

The Soundtrack was made with these devices:

  • Roland JV-1080
  • Korg01RW
  • Akai Sampler S2800i

These devices have been thrown away, so has the master recording, but before doing so Fujita made a digital backup.


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