Harumi Fujita[edit | edit source]

Harumi Fujita is the main composer for the soundtrack of Tomba!.

25 November 2020[edit | edit source]

An interview conducted via Twitter DMs. As the questions were asked in English, Fujita seems to have used a machine translator in order to communicate. A "retranslation" of her responses is provided.

How have you been during the COVID-19 situation? Are you still working from home?
★COVID-19 had little impact.
It's still going strong.
I still compose music from home. I also do video editing and design work.
COVID-19 had little impact on me.
I'm still going strong, composing music at home. I also do video editing and design work.
How did you first come into contact with Whoopee Camp? Did Tokuro Fujiwara reach out to you, or vice versa?
★I contacted Fujiwara when I learned that he had started a Whoopee Camp company.
Let me write a song for you," he said, and went to sell himself.
Without hesitation, Mr. Fujiwara agreed to let me be the composer of the game music
I contacted Fujiwara-san when I found out that he'd started Whoopee Camp.
I offered to write music for him, and without hesitation, he agreed to let me be the composer for his games' music.
What was it like to work with Tokuro over the years? Did he mellow out as he got older, or was he always strict? Did he give you freedom as far as the music, or did he have a clear idea of how he wanted it to sound? Did you direct your own music, or work under someone else? What was Nao Hatsutani's specific role in the music production process?
★Fujiwara-san let me write the songs freely.
I had been writing music for Fujiwara-san's games since I was at Capcom, so we had a trusting relationship.
It was very tight on the deadline.
But I think Fujiwara-san was just starting his own company and was in a situation where he had to
★Nao Hatsuya was in charge of Whoopee Cam affairs. But she wanted to try to make a song. Ms. Fujiwara asked me to make her wish come true
He asked me to teach Mr. Hatsuya how to compose music.
And Mr. Hatsuya came to my house and learned to compose from me
Put her song into TOMBA
Fujiwara-san let me write the songs freely. I'd been writing music for his games ever since we were at Capcom, so he trusted me.
Deadlines were very tight, but I think that was just because Fujiwara-san had just started his own company and needed to do it that way.

Nao Hatsutani was in charge of corporate affairs at Whoopee Camp, but she wanted to try writing a song or two.
Fujiwara-san asked me to make her wish come true and teach her how to compose music. And so Hatsutani-san came to my house and learned how to compose from me.
We put her compositions into Tomba.
What was it like to work at Whoopee Camp? Were you under pressure to meet certain deadlines?
★I was working from home at Whoopee Camp.
At the time I was pregnant with my second child and composing in a very challenging environment. I went to the office right after the baby was born, had a meeting, and kept working.
★Fujiwara-san called me and said, "We need the song right away.
Have passed the song after 2 hours
The time limit was two hours. That's the shortest so far!
I was working from home at Whoopee Camp. At the time, I was pregnant with my second child and in a difficult environment to get composing work done in, so as soon as my baby was born, I went back to the office, had a meeting, and kept right on working.

Fujiwara-san would call me and say something like "we need this song right away" and I would have it done in just two hours. That's the fastest I've ever written a song!
Did you make any tracks that never got used in the game, tracks that have never been publicly released to this day? If so, do you still have them, and would it be possible to upload them for others to enjoy?
★There are three or four tracks that are not used in the game.
It is possible to upload
There are three or four tracks that didn't get used in the game. I might be able to post them.
Do you still have the master recordings, or do you know someone else who does? If they are in your possession, do you have any intentions of making them publicly available? Would you have to get permission from someone else, such as Tokuro?
★I still keep the original recordings before converting them to the PlayStation sound source.
I'm hoping to release them for you to hear in the near future!
Mr. Fujiwara's permission is required.
I still have the original recordings from before we converted them for the PlayStation's sound chip.
I'd like to release them for you sometime in the near future, but I'd need Fujiwara-san's permission beforehand.
Do you think Tomba could have been a more successful series than it was? If you could go back in time, would you change anything about how Tomba was produced and/or marketed?
★Since the game is made by Mr. Fujiwara, I think it should have been more successful.
I was only composing the music, so I don't know much about the rest of it.
Since it was a game made by Fujiwara-san, I feel like it should have been more successful.
I was only composing the music for it, though, so I don't know about any other parts of it.
Are there tracks in the final official release that did not live up to your standards or expectations? Are there songs that you feel could have been better?
★There is no song that did not live up to my standards and expectations
Its criteria are very strict
This is because Fujiwara-san did not compromise.
I love all of TOMBA's songs!
There isn't a single song that didn't live up to my standards and expectations.
Fujiwara-san had very high standards and did not compromise.
I love all of the songs in Tomba!
What equipment was used to create the soundtrack? Do you still have any of the equipment you used at the time?
★Roland JV-1080
Akai Sampler S2800i
Used to be
Those equipment has been disposed of
Equipment I used at the time includes:
Roland JV-1080
Korg 01R/W
AKAI S2800i Sampler
I got rid of all of them by now, though.
When you were working on Tomba back in the day, did you ever expect it would have the following it has today?
★I thought it would be a hot topic in Japan
I didn't expect the whole world to know about TOMBA!
I figured it would be a big deal in Japan, but I didn't expect the whole world to know about it!
Do you still keep in touch with Tokuro?
★Contacted at the beginning of the year I last contacted him at the beginning of the year.
Were you ever asked to work on Tomba 2?
★No No.
If you were asked to work on a Tomba 3, would you still be interested?
★Very interesting I would be very interested.
What are your current projects?
★Windjammers 2 will be released soon! Windjammers 2, which will be released soon!1
Do you have a message for all the Tomba fans?
From those who have loved the song TOMBA
Sometimes we get messages
I'm very happy about it!
The song has become a memory for people from different countries
I'm so glad
May it stay in your heart forever.
I sometimes get messages from people who loved Tomba's soundtrack, and it makes me very happy to read them!
I'm so glad people from all over the world have such strong memories of the music.
May it stay in your hearts forever.

Notes[edit | edit source]

1. Windjammers 2 was released on Steam in January 2022.

30 November 2020[edit | edit source]

どの曲が初谷さんによって書かれたか覚えますか?または、どのゲームのエリアでこの曲が聞こえますか? Do you remember which songs were written by Hatsutani-san, and in which areas of the game they can be heard?
●屋敷  というタイトル



I took a listen to the original versions I have.
I believe the tracks written by Hatsutani-san were...

A track with the title of "Mansion", so you'd probably hear it somewhere that has a mansion.
And also "The Mermaid's Singing Rock", which is the mermaid's theme.

Those are the only two I'm sure of, though.

However, since it was Hatsutani-san's first time composing music, there are instances where she wrote melodies that I then ended up arranging and building upon while I was teaching her.

So they're not entirely made by just Hatsutani-san.
Would you let us know if Fujiwara-san gives you the go-ahead to upload the original soundtrack?
We at Tomba Club are looking forward to hearing even more amazing compositions from you! Especially the unused tracks.
I'd love to upload the OST right away if I could, but due to various circumstances, that's not my call to make.
Still, I'd love to let the fans hear them someday.

16 March 2022[edit | edit source]

藤田さんと一緒に行ったインタビューを公開しても宜しいですか? May we publish the interview we conducted with you?
インタビューは公開しても大丈夫です。 Yes, that's alright.
藤原得郎氏に、ゲームのオリジナルサウンドトラックの公開について訊く機会はありましたか? Have you had the opportunity to ask Tokuro Fujiwara about releasing the game's original soundtrack yet?
オリジナルサウンドトラックの公開は今はまだ難しいです Unfortunately that's still a difficult situation.
藤原氏と連絡を取る方法を教えて頂けませんか、または連絡を取るのを手伝って頂けませんか? 藤原氏しか誰も答えられない質問が沢山あると思いまして・・・ Could you tell us how to get in touch with Fujiwara, or could you yourself help us get in touch with him? There are so many questions we feel that only he can answer...
I myself can't tell you how to get in touch with Fujiwara-san. I'm sorry.

Ashif Hakik[edit | edit source]

Ashif Hakik is the main composer for the soundtrack of Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Yasutaka Taga[edit | edit source]

Yasutaka Taga is the creator of the clay models used for the jewel case cover and various promotional material for Tomba!.

25 April 2020[edit | edit source]

This interview was conducted via e-mail, talking about the clay models Taga had been commissioned to craft.

作ったモデルは、少年と豚だけですか。他のを作る計画やアイデアがありましたか。 Did you make models only of Tomba and the pig, or were there plans/ideas for other models, too?
作ったのはトンバとブタだけです。他のキャラクターを作る計画はありません。 Tomba and the pig were the only models I created. There weren't any plans for other characters.
多賀さんはまだモデルを持っていますか。 Do you still have the models?
モデルはウーピーキャンプの藤原さんに渡しました。 I'd handed them over to Fujiwara-san of Whoopee Camp.
私たちはゲームのいろいろな画像を集まって、消えないためにプレスアーカイブにセーブしています。モデルの高精細画像がまだどこかで見られますか。 We're collecting various imagery for preservation purposes. Are there still any high-resolution photos of the models for us to see?
モデルの写真はTAGAWORLD facebookpageにupしたものだけです。
(Link 1) (Link 2)
The only images I have are the ones put up on the TAGAWORLD Facebook page.
(Link 1) (Link 2)
Also, here's one other picture I took for fun. Unfortunately, its resolution isn't the highest.
いつぐらいウーピーキャンプからモデルを作ることを依頼されましたか。 Around what timeframe were you commissioned to create the models?
明確に覚えていませんが1997年の9月頃だったと思います。 I don't remember exactly, but I believe it was around September 1997.
ウーピーキャンプとの仕事上の関係はどうでしたか。楽しいプロジェクトでしたか。 How was your working relationship with Whoopee Camp? Was it a fun project to work on?
とても良い仕事をさせていもらいました。たのしいプロジェクトでした。 It was a really great freelance project. I had lots of fun with it.

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