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Welcome to the Tomba Wiki. Our aim is to create a comprehensive wiki detailing everything about the Tomba series.

If you're interested in editing but not sure how to start, join us on Discord and we'll help you out.

Useful templates and standards

For Japanese names, use Template:JapaneseName:

{{JapaneseName | western_version = Yasutaka Taga | kanji = 多賀 泰孝 | kana = たが やすたか | romaji = Taga Yasutaka}}

Template documentation

To document a complicated template, copy and paste the following:

{{TemplateDocumentationStart | Info box for documenting complicated templates. }}
{{TemplateDocumentationSectionStart | Usage | multiline }}
Add example code here.
{{TemplateDocumentationSectionEnd }}
{{TemplateDocumentationSectionStart | Arguments }}
{{TemplateDocumentationArgument | argument_example_1 | Explanation of the argument 1 }}
{{TemplateDocumentationArgument | argument_example_2 | Explanation of the argument 2 }}
{{TemplateDocumentationSectionEnd }}
{{TemplateDocumentationSectionStart | Examples | multiline }}
Add some examples here.
{{TemplateDocumentationSectionEnd }}

Then put your actual template itself underneath, preferably inside an <includeonly> tag.

Using the Internet Archive

See our page on the Internet Archive for information about how we upload large files and projects, and what conventions we use to organize them.


When contributing screenshots, please make sure they're pixel perfect and authentic to the original game, without any kind of upscaling or filtering.

For taking screenshots of PSX games on Windows, the BizHawk emulator is recommended, although any screenshot will have a bit of extra black padding called "overscan" which will need to be removed before uploading. To take perfect screenshots, take the following steps:

  1. Install BizHawk and get it set up with your ROM and the appropriate BIOS files.
  2. Install ImageMagick.
  3. Set BizHawk's PSX resolution management option to "hardcore debug mode"—this ensures that the emulator output is always pixel perfect.
  4. Take the screenshots you want using the emulator's internal screenshot hotkey (not with the Windows print screen function).
  5. Browse to your screenshots directory and copy the trimming script to there.
  6. Run the trimming script by double clicking on it.
  7. You should now have a directory named out which contains all your screenshots, trimmed down to 320x224. These can be uploaded to the wiki.

Once you have this set up, you can always quickly make new trimmed screenshots simply by taking new ones in the emulator and then double clicking on the script again. If you're having trouble following these steps, join our Discord and ask around for help.

You don't necessarily need to use BizHawk to take screenshots, as long as you use an emulator that's confirmed to be accurate and produce pixel perfect screenshots. Mednafen is another good choice. ePSXe should not be used as it's not an accurate emulator. When in doubt, ask on Discord.

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