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This page contains a list of Whoopee Camp and Tomba websites, both official and unofficial.

Official websites

The official Japanese language Whoopee Camp website existed from late 1999 until mid 2003.

Website Language Captures Original URL Description
Whoopee Camp official website First version JPN 1999-10-181999-11-13 http://www.whoopeecamp.co.jp/ Original version of the website
Whoopee Camp official website Second version JPN 2000-05-202003-08-08 http://www.whoopeecamp.co.jp/ Second version of the website, following the release of Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return
Tomba! official website JPN 1998-12-031999-04-24 http://tomba.co.jp/ Website for the game Tomba! that briefly existed; it was turned into a redirect to the Whoopee Camp site

Fan sites