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This is a list of press kit resources for Tomba, either put out by Whoopee Camp directly or by a third party such as the E3 Expo.

Press kit CDs

Game Region Title/link Year Redump ID Description
Tombi Europe Power Source - E3 Press Kit CD #1 1998 70570 Notably contains high-res originals of the Tomba cover artwork, plus some low-res artwork and a commercial description text.
Tombi Europe Power Source - E3 Press Kit CD #1 (Tomba files only) 1998 All Tomba assets from the above CD, extracted from the CD image for ease of access.
Tomba 2 US Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return artwork 1999 Three high-res 3D model renders of Tomba and the US release logo as EPS (vector) file.