List of scans of Tomba prints

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The following list contains links to all scans of Tomba products, such as CDs, covers, box art and manuals.

Video game scans

Preview Game Game ID Type Region Year Scan quality Redump ID
Tombi! SCES-01330 # Cover EUR 1998 1200 dpi 87862
Covers for the European version of Tomba, named Tombi.
SLPS-01144 Manual JPN 1997 1600 dpi 22906
Manual for the first Tomba game. Scanned with staples removed.
Tomba! - Demo
オレっ!トンバ 体験版
SLPM-80165 Cover JPN 1997 2400 dpi 57448
A single folded cover. CD is included.

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