Challenge Tomba! Squeeze Campaign

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Japanese poster for the campaign

The Challenge Tomba! Squeeze Campaign (トンバに挑戦!にぎにぎキャンペーン) was a promotional campaign for the original Tomba! game held in major game stores around Japan. The campaign ran from to 1998, with the last day featuring a competition to measure fans' grip strength.


The campaign was centered around a competition to measure your "wild child level" by testing fans' grip strength. The competition was held in major stores nationwide.

The period of March 21 to May 4 was a free practice period during which people could come in and try out the grip strength meter. The actual competition was on May 5.

The strength meter, box and instruction paper


The following prizes were given out on the day of the competition:

  • 1st place: Tomba special plushie set (Tomba and Koma Pig) - 2,000 available in total
  • 2nd place: Tomba special telephone card - 2,000 available in total
  • Participation prize: Tomba special pencil board - 100,000 available in total

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